The box cover for Worms 4

is a 3D game in the Worms series developed by Team 17. It is much like its 3D predecessor Worms 3D, except that players can customize their worm's appearance (hats/helmets, glasses, facial hair, gloves/hands) as well as create their own unique weapons in an added feature called "The Weapon Factory." The game also contains a shop where users can buy various items, using points won by completing story missions, activities or unlocking trophies. Shop items include new maps, new accessories and attire, personality banks (voices) and game styles. There are several new weapons included in the new game such as Bubble Trouble, Icarus Potion, Poison Arrow, Sniper Rifle, Inflatable Scouser, Tail Nail and Starburst (Which, in fact, only replaces the Kamikaze).

Additional Game Play Modes Edit

'Challenges mode'

This mode presents the player with various difficult challenges (e.g. sniping) which the player must attempt to complete.

'Multiplayer modes'

Worms 4 : Mayhem includes online play over Xbox Live(Xbox version) or the Internet (PC version).

The game also lets the player(s) play on the same machine (hotseat) against other human teams or computer controlled teams.

Developer(s) Team17
Publisher(s) Majesco
Series Worms
Version 1.0.1
Platform(s) PlayStation 2 (Europe Only), Microsoft Windows, Xbox
Release date(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox: September 29, 2005
October 4, 2005
Genre(s) Artillery game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: T
PEGI: 3+