Battle your enemies brutally!

Although trophies can be gained in story mode it is far easier to get them by playing multiplayer and customising the game to suit the trophy you are trying to get. For example, use the Crates Everywhere Wormpot modifier when collecting crates.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Gold Damage Cause a total of 100,000 points of damage
4 Bagger Kill four worms with one shot
Big Blast Cause 500 points of damage with one shot
Magic Bullet Kill three worms with one shotgun (two shots allowed)
The Beast Within Kill three worms with one animal weapon
Silver Damage Cause a total of 50,000 points of damage
3 Bagger Kill three worms with one shot
Hot Foot Trigger a total of 500 mines
Animal Lover Kill a total of 200 worms with animal weapons
Weapon Specialist Cause a total of 8,000 points of damage using the bazooka
Bronze Damage Cause a total of 25,000 points of damage
Body Count Kill a total of 500 worms
Barrel Buster Destroy a total of 500 barrels
Rocketeer Use a total of 2,000 units of jet pack fuel
Greedy Worm Collect a total of 500 crates