Below is a list of new and special weapons available in Worms 4.

Fatkins Strike(NEW!)Edit

Fatkins Strike
A large bomb shaped like a very fat boy is dropped from a helicopter which bounces three times and then

It does a considerable amount of damage, but is a bit hard to control.

Holy Hand Grenade Edit

The Holy Hand Grenade is a ranged explosive weapon famously featured in the Worms series of games. It produces massive damage if hits accurately at a worm.

The origins of the Holy Hand Grenade can be traced back to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a comedy chronicling King Arthur's quest to retrieve the Holy Grail. Incidentally, this film was subsequently turned into a game.

In the film, King Arthur and his accompanying Knights use the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in order to vanquish the killer rabbit guarding the entrance to the Cave of Caerbannog. The film introduces various pieces of trivia associated with the Holy Hand Grenade, such as the fact that it will only detonate after a count of three has been reached (this rule was later adhered to by the Worms games, which bestow an unchangeable three-second fuse upon the weapon).

Sniper Rifle (NEW!)Edit

It's a sniper rifle, it can zoom, it can shoot.

For more information, see Weapons Guide: Part One.

Concrete Donkey Edit

This weapon is powerful as ever. Just drop it and it'll force a hole deep into the
landscape and clear any worms in its path.

It will explode after quite a few smashes, but the Donkey should burrow into the water before that happens.

Bovine Blitz (NEW!) Edit

An interesting bombardment of three paratrooping cows.

This weapon is great if you want to hit enemy worms in a line. Besides doing rather good blast damage, this is a weapon that you can control
where the cows end up along the line.

Alien Abduction (NEW!) Edit

An overhead weapon that you can use to abduct a worm from the playing field,
which alters their appearance and health status (automatically cuts their
health in half at first).

The change in health is completely random, they may
gain or lose a random number of health points each turn.

Flood (NEW!) Edit

A weapon that raises the water level by the same amount of the Game Mode's
setting.Usually many worms at the lower ground will drown from it. Even worms from your team will.